Kiki Plant Based Milk review

KikiMilk (Plant Baby) sent me a box of 4 plant based milks! I keep seeing this on the ‘gram and have been curious as we don’t use much dairy. They are a remote company headquartered in Hawai’i. ALOHA and Mahalo, Plantbaby!

As many of my readers know, we stay dairy free for the most part. For us it causes inflammation and digestive issues. So my favoriet main takeaways of Kiki Milk is as follows (I will put more info below these points).

  • no fillers
  • organic
  • plant based nutrients
  • great taste
  • Pediatrician approved
  • Shelf stable
  • carbon neutral
  • Packaging is colorful and fun for kids
  • Clean product

I was able to try them as drinks, but didn’t have enough to try in protein shakes, occasional cereal days, pancakes, or other uses.

Kiki Milk started in their home kitchen out of necessity – there simply was no milk they felt comfortable giving their son.  From their page “One of the most abundant miracles on Kauai is the coconut. Fresh, delicious, and oh so nutrient-dense… coconut meat and coconut water inspired the earliest versions of Kiki Milk. Lauren would drop the coconut meat and coconut water in a blender, add in some hemp seeds, and mix in some other fresh goodies and voila: fresh plant-based milk! The island of Kauai is a constant reminder of earth’s most timeless and wondrous gifts⁠—real food. Think about it: the earth makes it, we eat it, then we partly become it. Mind blown! It’s our mission to reconnect you to the wild miracle that is food, and to the magic of nature (no matter where you live). We believe this core connection to nature is vital to our health, and the health of our planet.” Mahalo Plant Baby! We love this mission! 

PlantBaby is the mission-driven company behind Kiki Milk. PlantBaby designs clean and healthy plant-based foods, beverages, formulas and supplements to fuel the next generation.

  • CLEAN LABEL: Kiki Milk contains zero additives (no gums, no refined sugars, no filler oils like rapeseed oil, no natural flavors, and no glyphosate or heavy metals)

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Kiki Milk is made with organic, plant-based whole foods and nourishing superfoods that are omega-rich and provide ample plant-based calcium and protein

  • PEDIATRICIAN APPROVED: Kiki Milk is made with leading pediatricians and nutritionists and designed to support the nutritional needs of growing kids
  • CARBON NEUTRAL: Kiki Milk is kind to planet earth as a carbon neutral product
  • SHELF-STABLE: Thanks to our shelf-stable packaging, unopened Kiki Milk will keep safe and flavorful for at least 12 months 

The chocolate milk got a huge thumbs up and our teenager took it away from me. Since its shelf stable i think its stashed in her room now. LOL. The original has a great taste! They are both GREAT for lunches, track meets, after sports practices or just with dinner!

-made with plant-based, nutrient-dense superfoods, which are omega-rich and provide ample plant-based protein and calcium for kids.

-select organic ingredients that have a lower carbon footprint. We prioritize and partner with farmers who grow with sustainable and regenerative farming practices.
Roxie Coralheart is the rainbow-winged magical dragon who flies around the mountains and valleys scooping up all the superfoods for delicious Original Kiki Milk.
Kai, the wise, rainbow-bellied whale, explores the depths of enchanted seas bringing forth nutritious gems of the ocean for our Chocolate Kiki Milk.