chill6 anti-anxiety & Vitality Formula

Chill6™ • Anti Anxiety & Vitality Formula

Chill 6 sent me a tub of their product in orange Mango. It is an Anti Anxiety & Vitality Formula that has 6 amino acids (-GABA, Phenibut, l-theanine , l-tyrosine and l-dopa and L-Taurine). They all hit different angles of anxiety to create a whole product to really reduce anxiety. Check out all the testimonials! Having people in the house that can sometimes be overwhelmed, this has worked very well. Especially as the ‘rona had us all locked in our houses for long periods of time. My apologies for not having my own pictures. I lost them on my old phone before I switched over! The flavor was fantastic and it really helped calm the overwhelming energy/stress.

Having tried multiple supplements for anxiety for adults, Chill6™ actually works. They have a 100% Money Back Guarantee! They have watermelon jolly, orange mango, pink lemonade and margarita lime.

• Most Advanced ‘Over-the-Counter’ Anti-Anxiety Supplement Available
• Motivate your days, rejuvenate your sleep
• Long lasting (5+ hours) of anxiety relief starting within 15 minutes
• Made from Six Amino Acids, No worries in the Safety Department
• Delicious and cost effective, just over $1 per serving!
• Zero Sugar – Zero Calories – Zero fillers – Made with 100% Passion!

If you suffer from bouts of anxiety, Chill6™ may be your answer. Anxiety relief could be less than 15 minutes away! We took this 5 days on and a couple days off.

GABA and dopamine has been shown to be key to neurotransmitter’s linked to anxiety, concentration/focus and sense of well being. Dopamine is a  neurotransmitter that has been shown  in clinical research to maintain positivity. GABA is the main calming neurotransmitter in your central nervous system that nourishes your brain to reduce your anxiety. Chill6™ helps the nutrients from the product to be delivered and used by your body to raise healthy dopamine and GABA levels.

As this is a product to help anxiety, please consult your doctor with any questions.