aroma Flavor stickers

Aroma Flavor Stickers are so fun and help me drink more water. I’m terrible at getting enough water. Our olfactory system is our sensory system for smell. If we use these stickers, it tricks our brain into thinking the water is flavored. This can save you money in fancy water, and get you to drink MORE water!

AROMAFLAVOR HAS BENEFITS! Instead of relying on flavor additives that need to be consumed, AromaFlavor provides a whisper of flavor using atomized flavor enticing aroma molecules.

If you think about sodas with sugars, additives and flavors it can really cause issues with your teeth! The Dental association even attributes this with flavored carbonated waters! Consumer demand of healthy beverages without added ingredients are increasing every day. Adding flavor to pure clean water contradicts consumers’ desires and needs and then leads to more processing. Despite being listed as “natural flavor” on the label, no one would ever confuse these additives for a health enhancement.

This makes AromaFlavor beverages a healthy alternative to flavor-added beverages. Water is essential to our health, and fresh, pure water is better for our health than water with added flavor ingredients. So, if you want healthy clean beverages then AromaFlavor is a great choice.
It is a fun way to add a new flavor twist to your favorite beverages. AromaFlavor is great for bottled water, it also enhances soda, beer and other beverages with complex aroma notes. Try it on your refillable water bottles and enjoy water from any source.

The definition of flavors is quite broad. Some sweeteners may be labeled as flavors, this is helpful to minimize added ingredients on the label. Our aim is not to criticize the flavor industry, they play an important and valuable role in processed foods.