ZNatural Life Deodorant Review


 Z Natural Life sent me a selection of their natural deodorants.
I have tried a plethora of natural deodorants only to find they don’t work for me personally. Of course anytime you switch from a standard deodorant (like those with aluminum), It will take your body time to adjust.  Everyone has different times, so be aware of that. I usually try a deodorant for a week to two weeks to see if it works and reapply if it doesn’t. I have also kept my old deodorant under my counter “just in case” for summer. In winter I can get by with deodorants not working well, but not during spring and summer.
Most of us know the dangers of chemical deodorants, especially those with aluminum. They can range from Alzheimers, dementia to cancer.
This dilemma is what started the quest for the makers of ZNaturalLife.  Deodorants have used similar recipes for years without much change. You can find solids, semi solids, crystals, paste, etc. ZNaturalLife believes in living naturally from the food we eat to the products that are used on your skin. I whole heartedly believe in this as we try to do the same.

ZNaturalLife conducted an in-depth search for effective, natural ingredients. They talked with companies in Europe and the USA along with reviewing many studies.

This is the perfect time to try it out with somewhat warm temps. ZLife deodorant is a cream type consistency that comes in a tube style container. I dislike putting deodorant on with my hands, so this makes me extremely happy. The Z Natural Life deodorant seems to absorb quickly and work well. I sweat a lot, so I tend to reapply mid-day. While its only starting to get warm now in the Pacific Northwest, I have noticed that I’m not smelling or perspiring a lot. The deodorant has no powder in it, but they do sell a separate body powder formula for those of us who need it. So far I haven’t needed it in addition to the deodorant but its pretty easy to apply.

ZNatural Life deodorants are Cruelty free, vegan, and leaping bunny certified.

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