ThinOptics portable reader glasses

Thin Optics sent me their patriotic selection of cases, and one key ring along with their 2.0.glasses You can also get these on amazon.  Mr. Crazy life is always forgetting his glasses because who wants to carry around glasses in their pocket?? Thin optics has a TON of patterns and colors that fit EVERYONES style!

The Thin Optic patriotic cases have an adhesive on the back that sticks to your phone or case. you simply slide the readers into the case. Mr. Crazy Life noticed if you are a heavy phone user, the glasses tend to have a bit more pressure on them causing the glasses to break. There are SO many designs!

The thin optics key chain is easy and portable. You simply set the Thin optic readers on the edge and slide the button. The glasses fold up and go right into the case. We have yet to have a pair break, and Mr. Crazy life can read his own menus! LOL

Thin optics really are thin…….and lightweight. They are about 2 credit cards thick and weigh less than a nickel. They have soft grip technology that allow for them to gently hug the bridge of your nose which allows them not to slip. They are very comfortable and they do not pinch at all.

Thin optics readers are made of polycarbonate lenses. They have no arms that rest on your ears to hold them up, but the grip is sufficient to hold them up. They are definitely not a replacement for prescription glasses, but they are fantastic readers!

Thin Optics also has a lifetime guarantee!! How fabulous is that!? You are going to be so addicted to these, that I suggest you buy at least two pairs so if you have to have one replaced, you aren’t without. We have loved these so much that we gave 3 pairs to friends and family. Now they love them just as much!