The Prairie Goat Lotion

I received a bottle of The Prairie goat Lotion. This is Handmade goat milk lotion made from raw goats milk made in North Dakota.

My hands are SUPER dry with winter here. The weather has taken a toll on my hands and cuticles. I normally dislike lotion because its thin and runny, plus I don’t like how my hands feel after i use most lotions.

The Prairie Goat lotion itself is thick and amazing with a wonderful scent. After I use it my hands are instantly silky and soft! This is my new favorite lotion! I LOVE how my hands feel! My cuticles have been healing and are not quite so sensitive to being bumped.

I love that the ingredients are clean and wonderful to use on my skin. I am very careful with things I use on my skin consistently. They also make SOAP!!

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