Simply Earth essential oil August box review

Simply Earth Monthly subscription box for August is a back to school theme! Augusts unboxing video is here. Check out the facebook page for Facebook lives where I make the products!
First things first, If you use my link and the coupon code CRAZYLIFEASMOMFREE you get a coupon code for $40 off your next order (Updated since video). If you look at the august unboxing video above I show you their diffuser in the video!
It is $39 a month and you can cancel, skip or pause any time. Their oils are 100% pure and smell AMAZING! Here are the July Facebook unboxing and Facebook live DIY video. They properly test their products for purity, and have amazing customer service.

My favorite part of these boxes is that you get FULL size oils for $39!

Separately the oils are;
Coffee – 5ml – 9.95 (my favorite oil this month) I cant drink it, but It smells SOOOOOOO GOOD
Copaiba – 15 ml 9.99
Focus – 15ml – 11.99
Grapefruit -15ml – 9.99
The oils alone cost $41.92!!
This box contains 4 oils mentioned above, recipe cards, 2 10ml stainless steel roller bottle, 2 plastic inhalers, 1 sack of glass beads for a backpack or locker freshener, sweet almond oil (carrier oil) and two labels.

TI have mentioned before that I wish the 2 round labels were water resistant and simply earth made note of this. I suppose even a clear label to go over the top would be helpful to keep the label in tact.

The recipes this month are for
-backpack/locker freshener
-Get focused roll on
-rise and shine diffuser blend
-Do your homework diffuser blend
-Immune boosting inhaler
-stress relieving dough ball.

The DIY aspect is fun and you get the extras free with your oils in the box.
Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to end human trafficking. How cool is that? Such a great way to give back.
Check out my previous reviews of the March soap box, and the May beauty box, and July box.

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