Ring Bling Girl jewelry bombs

Tessa with Ring Bling Girl hosts amazing jewelry fizzing parties with games! They are SO FUN!

GO to her facebook page and click on her link. All scheduled parties will be listed here (typically Wednesday evenings!)

Party Hostess Tessa takes those orders and fizzes them LIVE to reveal beautiful custom designed jewelry hidden within Bomb Party™ products!
Seriously go get a ring bomb on her site and get them opened on a facebook live!

Our Original Ring Bombs are available in ring sizes 6-10 at $19.95 each. Image for Cuter than Cupid CollectionImage for Original Earring Bomb

Original ring bombs, cuter than cupid, earring and necklace bombs are 19.95 plus shipping.

Kids bombs are 17.95 and have a space in the back to make them more adjustable for growing fingers.

These products are made specifically for the fun and excitement of LIVE REVEALS that you can share the fun with friends all over the world through social media! Ready to see my rings up close and personal? Read on…..

She gives you choices on a platter on Facebook live, she then fizzes it while you wait, and everyone on the live cheers for Diamonds! The custom jewelry has suggested retail values between $25-$1000….but hurry! The  ring bombs sell out in minutes for each party, so make sure to get on a party list with your favorite Party Hostess!

Tessa (Aka Ring Bling Girl) plays fun games, for entries into a drawing for free ring bombs! 🙂

Ready! Here are my rings up close and personal. Unfortunately wordpress can sometimes compress the pictures so I hope you can see the beauty and sparkle. If they compress.

I will be doing a facebook live to show you these! They are STUNNING!

Unicorn alert Snowflake ring! This is a secret garden design featuring a lab created sapphire and white topaz on a triple rhodium plated band worth $68!



This beautiful lab created smoky blue and white topaz on a triple rhodium plated band worth $136! 



This beautiful lab created blue quartz with a Rhodium plate worth $86


Ring Bling Tessa is SO adorable and fun. She makes the fizz parties a blast and interactive. These rings are so beautiful and worth their price. You can choose to fizz at home, but its not as much fun as with Tessa on the fizz parties. 


This is a gorgeous petite ring! Its a Lab Created Light Blue Quartz on .925 Sterling silver ring worth….. $152!!!

This Beauty is similar to Princess Dianas ring. It is a Lab created Ocean Blue on a Rhodium plate worth….$112!


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