Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee sent me a selection of their coffees. With some brands I tend to get a bit of an acidic stomach.  Not with Purity!  It is low acid and lab tested to endure its free of mold and contaminants like Mycotoxins and bean defects! I love their commitment to quality and their customers. Purity coffee is found to be 65% higher in antioxidants than other big brand coffees. How amazing is that?

Single serve pods/bags are SO convenient. This is great for a coffee bar and when friends come over. The bags I keep in my purse so I can just pop one in a cup of hot water and add cream.  

5 lb Bags – Purity Coffee ground or whole bean options!  

Check out their story! and their Subscriptions!

according to their site “the experts from the Institute of Coffee studies said that there weren’t any coffee companies doing this to their knowledge. The fact that people didn’t know about coffee’s benefits, however, came from years of misunderstood data.

Back in the 1950s, studies found correlation between certain diseases and coffee consumption. These weren’t studies conducted in the lab–but surveys that took into account people’s self-reported habits. Unfortunately, these studies didn’t take other factors into account like alcohol and tobacco consumption. Diseases that we now know are caused mostly by booze and cigarettes were unfairly connected to coffee.

Coffee researchers needed help to change the public’s negative attitudes toward coffee, and the Salisburys were ready to take on that challenge. Enlisting Jon and Missy Butcher in their plan, the Purity founders set out to highlight coffee’s benefits–and to increase them as much as possible!”