Made in Nature REAL FOOD snacks

Made In Nature sent me a selection of their products. They started in Mt. Hood, Oregon and is now the #1 organic dried fruit brand in the United States. Their production roots are in California’s San Joaquin Valley, while their operations are in Boulder, Colorado. Made in Nature has 25 years experience in producing real food.

Mr. Crazy Life and I went paleo last September (8 months ago). We found the cranberry pistachio figgy pops at Costco and were hooked. We loved them so much that I contacted the company. My first impression of these it that they are soft, delicious, sweet without being overpowering, slightly tart, and chewy.

What I love about Made In Nature is they are organic, support their farmers, they use no sulfur, artificial colors/flavors and GMO FREE!   They also use NO synthetic preservatives pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Here is a sampling of everything they sent me. Since we eat with our eyes first, look at this deliciousness! Everything was AMAZING.

By far my favorite Made In Nature product of everything is the figgy balls.  I keep these in my purse, take them in my lunch, and eat them as snacks. They are so versatile and portable. We are what we eat, and I firmly believe that our health and wellness depends on it. The state of our food is lacking nutrient density. By replacing what we eat with REAL food, and thinking of food as fuel, we can literally transform our lives.

This dried kale was also delicious. It had cashew “cheese” which was remarkable. It made the kale buttery and cheesy without cheese! Phenomonal! Little crazy life put some of this on an avocado. Probably one of my favorite new combination snacks now.

I cant see much improvement for the product, however, I would like to see more sustainable/recyclable packaging.



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