Lumo Lift Posture Coach Review

Lumo Lift has a posture coach that can help train you to have better posture in as little as 2 weeks. They also have a Lumo Run.
I’m about to air my dirty laundry about my posture. I don’t know about you but I sit at a desk all day long and my posture is terrible. I get lazy and I don’t pay attention. Since wearing this device, I realize how bad it really is. My back hurts a lot. I have noticed my lower back gets tired while sitting up with the Lumo. However my core has become a bit stronger and the lower back has found a bit of relief. I’m pretty excited to see how much better it gets over time with continued use.
The Lumo Lift actually doubles as a pedometer to track your steps, distance and calories. This data can actually promote a healthier, active lifestyle. If you KNOW better, you DO better. Knowing this data helps you change your habits as well.
The Lumo lift has a magnetic clasp that attaches through your clothing.
You put the magnet on top of your shirt, while putting the Lumo unit against your skin under your shirt right below your collarbone.
Click the Lumo one time while in comfortable seated position. Once you set that position, It will gently vibrate when you are out of position for an indicated amount of time. You can also change the target posture at any time by clicking the Lumo once.
The app will display and track how much time you sat in the indicated position. Lumo Lift does not track or provide posture feedback while in movement, during activities such as walking, running, or driving.
Lumo is Compatible with iOS 10 and up, Android 5.0 and up (excluding tablets).

The Battery life appears to be about 2 days, but charges quickly.  Simply place the Lumo on the charging pad and plug into your computers USB port.
Lumo Lift keeps the data stored for 4 weeks, but once its synced with the cloud and the app it will keep the data for its lifetime.
The Lumo Lift sensor is made of Electroplated thermoset plastic and weighs 11.50g. The magnetic clasps are Rare Earth magnet. 1.00g.
Lumo lift is not water resistant.

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