KidzGear volume limited Headphones review

Kidz Gear sent me their headset headphones for kids in PINK. We have a single digit kid going on pre-teen. These were the perfect solution when we need her to turn her music off for the night. Some nights she just needs her music to wind down after a particularly rough day.
They also come in Blue, purple, grey, orange, green, and limited edition white.  I linked all of them to amazon. They are all $15.99, which is a great deal for kids headsets.
My favorite thing about Kidz Gear headphones is that they are volume limited with KidzControl.
It limits audio volume to approximately 80% (~ 20dB lower) of original maximum volume. This is great so they don’t damage their hearing!
My daughter loves the boom mic for when she’s goofing off in her room. She isn’t into gaming, but this would be great for that. It swivels in all directions so kids can wear the mic on either side or up out of their way.
We recently took these on the plane with us and they worked fantastic! She used them with the Ipad and ipod as well as our iPhone 6s. There are no problems and she didn’t have to use an adaptor or splitter.

Over all a really well made product that holds up to kids.

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