Kid Basix stainless steel safe snacker and safe sporter Review

Kid Basix sent me their safe snacker and safe sporter. I’m not sure what happened to the lighting in this one.
Kid Basix creates eco-Functional food and beverage products in more durable, environmentally friendly materials like stainless steel.
We switched to stainless steel when the youngest started kindergarten, and never looked back. We LOVE the eco friendly gear as it lessens worries about chemicals leaching into your food. 


Kid Basix Safe Snacker is a single walled 18/8 Stainless Steel. I love that the silicone lid helps keep food fresh and it is attached and wont get lost.
The silicone itself is BPA and Phthalate Free as well as dishwasher safe. When first opening the lid was quite difficult to open, but after a few uses it has loosened up a bit. The outside silicone can be taken off to separate the lid for washing. Easy cleaning is a bonus. 



Safe Snacker comes in  three useful sizes – 7oz (nuts, crackers, dip), 13oz (fruit, veggies, chips), and 23oz (sandwich size). Dishwasher safe. I love how durable stainless steel is. With the addition of the silicone the snackers are even more durable than my plain stainless steel containers. Although I don’t really mind the dents, they are well loved and totally worth the money. 
The Safe Sporter hold 12 ounces. it is 18/8 stainless steel like the safe snacker and the safe sippy.
The bottle is tested free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. The safe sporter has a single walled steel container. Kid drinks are typically not overly hot so I don’t find that a problem as our others are double walled. The wide mouth makes it easy cleaning and ice cubes. The sports top spout is easy to open and the removable mud cap if durable. The colorful silicone waistband is to protect hands from cold liquids and a coaster to protect the bottle from dents. The safe sporter is dishwasher safe.
The only change I would love to see is the lids have stainless steel where it touches the food/liquids.

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