Grush Gaming Toothbrush review


First off, what I really love about the toothbrush is that its a bit smaller bristle area so kids can get the brush to their back teeth better. The bristles are soft which is much better for kids that struggle with brushing or have sensory issues.
Grush is a smart sonic toothbrush paired with games, so they can have fun while brushing their teeth. The toothbrush uses hi-tech intelligent toothbrush does great at tracking which teeth has been brushed. The mobile app has interactive mobile games guide brushing in real-time.
Grush also has Advanced tracking and scoring system allows parental monitoring and rewards and is endorsed by top pediatric dentists and award winning.
Grush smart sonic toothbrush makes brushing fun for kids. My daughter has loved using this toothbrush and likes the games. It gives her a great visual of which teeth she is supposed to be brushing and which she keeps missing.  


Brush and Play – Multiple fun and interactive games for different age groups. The app could use some upgrades but overall its very good.
Grush has Detailed Brushing Data. You can track brushing results for every tooth!!

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