GreenAir Diffusers and oil bag

I am SO excited.  New Green Air sent me 3 new diffusers to test and write reviews on. Honestly, I have had so many diffusers. This brand has covered every need and type of diffuser that I could want. I have different reasons that I love every single one of them. If you haven’t purchased one yet, jump on the diffuser bandwagon!

New GreenAir has been my FAVORITE brand by far. Their customer service, their variety, and the quality is amazing.

First up is the Serene living Fountain!  This one is my FAVORITE! It is so beautiful!

This bad boy covers 1,000 sq feet. It puts out so much mist, but that also makes it only last about 6-7 hours. Its still my favorite because of mist output, quiet, and sheer beauty! This has been great in the living room while Little Crazy life has had the sniffles.

The bottom is a beautiful wood and the top is one piece of solid hand blown glass. Easy off/on button with rotating or fixed color and continuous mist.

This is the inside along with the plate. The colors rotate, you can fix it on one color, or you can turn the lights off.

Now on to the Ruby Lux marble.  


The Ruby Lux Marble  has Easy on/off button with mist, rotating colors or fixed color. Its about 7″ tall and 5″ wide. Run time is about 10 hours.

Look at those colors!!

Ruby Lux Marble has a 200 ml tank and continuous mist that covers 1,000 sq ft! The handblown glass cover is thick and pretty durable. If you have kids, I would secure it on a higher shelf.

Serene living tulip
The glass on this diffuser is thinner than the others and came broken, but New GreenAir sent a new one quickly. It has a rubber ring to protect the glass while putting the cover off and on.
This pretty little thing is 60ml and covers 400 sq. ft. Its great for smaller rooms or offices. It has a white/color rotating/ and fixed colors. The only misting mode is continuous.

The Power is a USB but I plugged it into my apple charger. Its dimensions are 5″ x 5″ x 7″ and it packs a punch.

Two of my other trusty diffusers are the White spaglobe and Amber dragons egg .



They also sent me their canvas oil bag

This holds 32 bottles of anything less than an ounce. The one ounce bottles are too tall.

If you don’t know where to start on diffusers, choose one that you LOVE and will USE, no matter the price point. You will get benefits from any diffuser that you choose. As you learn more, start buying others and trying them. I can tell you what I think is the best, but it may not fit YOUR wants and needs.

Message me and let me know which of New Green Air diffusers you would like me to try and I will let my contact know!

Have a heathy day!