Good Hangups Review

I have a new favorite product!!!
Check out Good hangups! There is a reusable sticker with a magnet on the back. It sticks to almost any surface! Then you simply put your item on it and put the magnet on top. This has been an amazing discovery! It even holds up my backdrops with TWO of the magnets! I do use a third in the middle just to keep the backdrop from drooping.

These are damage free poster/picture hangars. Its great for kids artwork and easy to change out or reposition. Instantly hang paper artwork up to 24″ x 36″ including recipes, posters, pictures, etc.

Patented GoodHangups adhere to walls and surfaces using without damaging paint, creating holes, or leaving residue. Great for Renters!

Each pack contains magnets and magnet-receptive stickers. You can use these on windows, concrete, wood, brick, plaster or drywall. (Flat paper up to 24” x 36”).

These are SO easy to use, and great for older kids! Not ideal for small kids as the magnets could be choking hazards.

GoodHangups that do not adhere to or damage your artwork.

Great ALTERNATIVE to poster strips, poster tape, blue poster fun tack, poster putty, sticky tack, fun tack, wall tacks, nails and expensive frames and displays.

My only suggestion would be to include a sheet of extra stickers to replace when the magnasticker gives out.



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