Gear Head Cleaning Wipes

Gear Head Wipes sent me these cleaning wipes. There are NO harsh chemicals to damage your hands! Their primary audience is actually the automotive field.

First of all, as a military family, I want to thank Gear head for donating wipes to first responders. Way to step up! check out their facebook page!

They come in an easy pop up dispenser.

Gear head is not promoting these as a “corona virus” killer, but the ingredients include benzalkonium chloride which can be found in many handsoaps and non alcohol hand sanitizers. This ingredient has mixed reviews on killing/removing of viruses.

Gear head wipes are premoistened as well as nice and sturdy and hold up well. The scent is mild, and made with essential plant oils (YAY!), and is alcohol free. They also have vitamins, aloe and antioxidants which makes them gentle on sensitive skin. There is no animal testing or ingredients in their wipes. With direct contact to your skin (your largest organ) this is SUPER important.

If you check our the Gear Head Website, you will find other awesome products!




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