Fidalgo Coffee Roasters Review AND GIVEAWAY

Fidalgo Coffee Roasters sent me some of their coffees to try and there is a GIVEAWAY! SO AWESOME! Keep reading!

I received Fidalgo gold, Seacoast Blend, Tulip Festival Blend, Organic Breakfast,  Daybreak, Organic Italian, a white camp cup, stickers, and bumper stickers!

* Fidalgo Coffee is certified Kosher – Parve year-round, excluding Passover under the supervision of the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle.

You can get some of their coffee on Amazon! 

I love their mission and core values! Fidalgo coffee roasters want to “bring joy to all with quality coffee that’s good for people and the planet with Honesty, Kindness, Quality, Performance and Service! They take that a step further with their Second change employment program. They take their mission and values to the community with their Underground Coffee Brand.  The Underground Coffee mission is to interrupt mass incarceration—with a focus on drug and gang ex-offenders in the Skagit Country area which is the frontyard and backyard of Fidalgo Coffee Roasters. Check out more and  Purchase your bag of Underground Coffee Here  Underground Coffee program employees work in all departments of the company and are paid a livable wage and potential for advancement in the company. 

Now on to the coffee! I have included a few of their videos on their site as well since I am not an expert. 😉 I just know they are delicious! 

Fidalgo gold   I find this to be a very mild. This is the fist coffee I tried. This goes great with a dairy free vanilla creamer. With it being a dark blend I didnt need alot of creamer which suprised me, but the honeycomb and cocoa really come through.

Roast Level: Medium Light

Body: Lively & Full With Notes Of Berry & Honey

Country: Blend of Central and South American coffees


Next up is the Seacoast Blend. I find this very rich and can taste the sweet smoke to it. It really does remind you of a campfire! With this I added a dairy free hazelnut creamer and it was AMAZING. This blend is their second darkest. It is full and rich with a bit of smoke.

Toast Level: Dark

Body: Robust & Hearty With Notes Of Maple Sugar

Country: Blend of Central and South American coffees


On to the Tulip Festival Blend and its tastes so smooth even with a bit of unsweetened creamer. It the Official coffee of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. How cool is that?!

This blend is a seasonal coffee, It is Roasted dark to bring out smooth, bold, and full notes.

Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Kosher.

This year’s poster features artwork by Jennifer McGill,
5% of proceeds from this Artist Series label coffee will go to The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, a Washington State Non-Profit Organization.
Oh, Organic Breakfast, you had me at BREAKFAST! This a wonderful blend that is GREAT with breakfast. Little Crazy Life really likes it with a chocolate croissant! I usually just have an English Muffin with a bit of butter. It is great with both. I don’t drink straight coffee, but found I needed less dairy free creamer with this blend because the cocoa and sweetness of the honeycomb. 
Roast Level: Medium DarkBody: Bold With Notes of Cocoa & Honeycomb

Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Kosher Coffee

Country: Blend of Central and South American coffees


Are you ready for Daybreak? I really like this in the afternoon! It is a bit lighter and I think this would go great with fresh berries and cream! I love Hazelnuts, but Hazelnuts AND COCOA? Such a mild nutty flavor even with a touch of dairy free creamer! 

Roast Level: Medium Light

Body: Bright With Notes Of Toasted Hazelnut and Cocoa

Country: Blend of Central and South American coffees


Last, but not least, Organic Italian

! I normally do not buy darker roasts, but this Dark Cherry chocolate called my name. Remember those chocolate cherry candies from your childhood (Just me?). This coffee reminds me of my dad who LOVED those, and has been gone for 17 years. A bit of nostalgia….Perhaps… but this blend is amazing! I have an unflavored slightly sweetened dairy free creamer as well as the slightly sweetened vanilla that is SO GOOD with it!

Roast Level: DarkBody: Rich With Notes of Dark Cherry & Chocolate

Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Kosher Coffee

Country: Blend of Central and South American coffees

I also have a white camp cup, stickers, and bumper stickers that I will show you on the live, and then link it here. 😉

Now for a bit of fun!! Here is a  COUPON CODE for your first order CrazyLifeAsMom30!

AND a Rafflecopter giveaway!! 

The winning entry will be shipped their coffee straight from Fidalgo Coffee Roasters.

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