Everlove Creations Shelving Review

Everlove Creations sent me a set of two of their reclaimed wood Floating shelves.

INSTALLATION: Installing these floating wooden shelves will literally be the easiest thing you do all day. We include all necessary instructions, templates, and hardware (4 brackets / 8 screws / 8 wall anchors), making the installation of these rustic floating shelves a breeze.

**The only thing I would suggest is a double bracket in the middle instead of two separate brackets. its not the easiest thing for some of us to get both of them spaced and leveled.

DURABILITY: Handmade out of entirely solid wood  these two rustic solid fir wood shelves are the real thing. Our sturdy hardware ensures our shelves can tolerate anything your walls can.

**The only thing I see here is they don’t lock into place, so would like to see a double sided sticky tape or a tiny thing of silicone to keep it stuck to the wall. I have not had the shelves slide off, but I check regularly to make sure.

SOURCING:  They source all of their wood (100% fir) from our dedicated partners who are passionate about preserving a clean environment and harvesting only sustainable and renewable natural resources. LOVE THIS!! Resources are so important!

Everlove Creations makes them out of 100% real, natural, and renewable wood. SO NEAT! They are a gorgeous color and I love the real wood. 

 EverLove’s Floating Shelves are designed in-house. These rustic and natural floating shelves have quickly become one of the hottest home trends this year. These shelves are 24W x 5.5D x 2H And are SO Pretty! I put my purse on a shelf so you could get a size perspective. Its hard to get a good picture where we installed them due to the lighting. 🙂

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your happiness is our satisfaction. We go to great lengths designing these floating wooden wall shelves, and we stand behind our product 100%.

In conclusion, I absolutely love these shelves by EverLove Creations. They are beautiful, reclaimed, sturdy and support a small business. What else could you ask for?








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