Caroeas Home Decor and organization products

If you know me, you know that I love organization products and office supplies. Well check this out! Careous sent me a selection of products. 

I originally bought the cream colored rolling laundry bag on the left. This was for the space between the washer and dryer. My only hope is that they make one taller and deeper to fit the size of the washer and dryer that would fill up the space. The width of the bag is about 8″ which is perfect. However despite that, the product is AWESOME. You can get one for lights, and one for darks to help separate laundry. It collapses and has a cinch cord. To make it sturdy, it has plastic rods that slip in the pocket that Velcro tabs. You can collapse and reassemble.  

Next up is the BEAUTIFUL extra large leaf bag on the right. My daughter has already claimed this for her stuffed animals. Its has twisted twine handles. SO PRETTY

Caroeas also sent me these super cute placemats! The only thing I would like to see it them being a bit thicker or have a fabric lining on the back. Their thickness compares to a light cloth napkin, but SUPER cute!

This simple black laundry bag is great for the guys. It collapses (much like the cream bag above). It is simple and functional.

Take a look at this super fun handled laundry bag! “As I do more laundry, Nudists seem less crazy”  

Inside the bag it is separated for lights and darks!

Overall the construction of Caroeas products are great quality. The seams appear to be strong, and the fabrics used appropriate for the purpose. We really love these products for organization, and there are many other super cute products. 

You can also check out their website to see what new products they have! They are constantly developing new products! Use code crazylifeasmom for 15% off.