Bocha Tea Infuser Review and Giveaway

BOCHA Loose Leaf Tea Maker with Glass Teapot, Built in Infuser and Removable Filter.
The teapot has a maximum capacity of 800ml. The infuser holds about 300ml (about 1 cup) of liquid at a time. This teapot is designed for 1-2 people and is NOT pitcher sized.

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 The teapot and the filter separate for easy cleaning.  The strainer portion is very large so it allows room for the tea to move and expand without crowding it into a small tea ball. We tend to make the tea pretty strong and then add either a bit of water or cream to dilute it. This works out amazingly well for that.

They fit together with a slight twist to secure the filter/lid to the teapot.

What I love about The BOCHA Teapot Infuser is that it allows you to steep your tea in a separate compartment without having to mess with the little tea balls and loose tea.

You release the tea into the glass teapot when it’s ready. This infuser really helps with over steeping your tea.

The red button pushes on this lever releasing the tea from the bottom into the tea pot below.
This crazy household drinks a TON of tea. We literally drink different varieties all day long.

The BOCHA Teapot Infuser is made of heat resistant glass with a blown-spout for smooth pouring. The  removable infuser is made with safe & eco friendly food-grade PC material.
It is super easy to use.

Enter to win one of your own! This is great for the office!

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