Armchair Anthropologist Tea Co review

Armchair Anthropologist Tea Co. sent me a selection of their teas to review. If you are in San Antonio Texas PLEASE go visit! Shes amazing! They are a military family as well, so that is close to my heart. This family is working their tea business as their main income, and they are doing an amazing job, while raising 4 kids! That being said these teas are SO tasty! Here in our crazy house we drink LOADS of tea, and by that I mean at least a pitchers worth a day. We buy quality teas. Our favorites are black tea for morning, lower caffiene after lunch, and herbal/no caffiene at night. We often drink sleepy teas after dinner to start winding down our brains.

Medicine Manhelp fight bugs of coldseason. Green tea for energy, elder flower for vitamin C/ immune boost, marigold for fevers, ginger root for nausea, lemon peel, peppermint for upset stomach, & rose hips for vitamin C. 
Funny enough when we got this there were alot of sickness going around. We all drank this and got a couple steeps out of each. It was so mild and well blended. The ginger added a nice kick.

Sense and SensabiliteaPrefer more traditional teas like Earl Grey? Then try our Sense & Sensibilitea. Lovely lavender melds perfectly into this mellow Darjeeling base with a pinch of white tea.
This tea was very smooth and SO good!


Breakfast at NottinghamWake up and be ready to battle the terrible Sheriff of Nottingham with a cup of this strong black tea. We combine Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun black teas for this bold cuppa tea. 

This tea was SOOOOOOOO SMOOTH! We drink the majority of our teas black, and this is strong yet smooth and well balanced. We got a few steeps out of each batch as well.

I do not have the descriptions of the other two, but you can see the ingredients in the pictures. Every single tea blend was made with thoughtfulness and love, which you can taste in the tea.
Please check this family business out, and try their teas!

The owner has gone through a food safety course approved by the state, as well as good health practices. All ingredients are purchased through inspected sources and we keep everything stored air tight glass containers.

They do not place recommended water temperature or steeping time due to the various tea cultures who have different practices. All of my teas are taste tested by the owner and others before the recipe is finalized. What I do  LOVE is they don’t use artificial flavoring to enhance the teas. Everything is the tea or herb just as it was when it was dried. They don’t provide decaf as the tea goes through a chemical process to remove caffeine from the leaves. They process their teas as natural as we can get them. They offer caffeine free blends and those are going to be our herbals, rooibos and honeybush blends as they have ingredients that don’t naturally have caffeine in the plant.