Abrazo Designs Essential Oil Bag and Pendant Review

I love the story of how Abrazo Designs was created. The creator of Abrazo Designs was inspired by her mothers legacy after she passed away. She wanted to bring style and affordability to have also ealized the amazing uses for essential oils and their healing properties. As someone who has studied complementary health, this is a passion of mine. I look to find ways to rid toxins from my home where I can, and find ways I can treat illnesses or bumps/bruises naturally. I lost my father to cancer which helped spur my quest to research cancer and actually wrote my thesis on it!
Now, back to Abrazo.
Their 42 bottle Essential oil storage bag is made of quilted canvas on the outside  and has a nice handle. Inside the bag you will find beautiful velvet and padded dividers that are only secured at the sides.
You can also see this bag close up in my facebook live here.
Without the slightly adjustable dividers in the middle, this helps keep you oils even more secure. There are two bigger pockets near the back that can hold bigger one ounce bottles, more of the 15,10, and 5ml bottles, or other essential oil tools you may need. The bag has a heavy duty zipper and very well padded.
When I try to jostle the oils in the bag, they don’t move. This particular model can hold up to 42 oils and holds 15, 10, and 5ml bottles. The case is about 8”.x9”x3.5” high.
This would be a GREAT gift with some labels for the top of the bottles for a newbie and gives them room to grow their amazing collection. You can also get their products on AMAZON!
This stainless steel has an 18” chain and has a cutout with 8 hearts. They have three other beautiful designs on their site and you can also get these on Amazon! The 50 felt aromatherapy pads come in a variety of colors and are AMAZING for customizing your pendant above to match your outfits.